Safari Life

Early mornings and late afternoons are the most productive for finding and photographing wildlife, and it avoids the heat of the mid-afternoon, so that is when we are most active in days on safari. These activities are interspersed with delicious breakfasts and lunches, iced cocktails and gourmet dinners.

Your daily routine usually involves an early morning start with tea or coffee in your tent. You will then spend most of the morning hours wildlife viewing. It is important to be out in the early hours of the morning as this is when most of the wildlife is active. This is particularly true in finding the predators such as lion and leopard which are essentially nocturnal. You might return to camp for a hearty breakfast, or else take a picnic breakfast with you which you will enjoy in a beautiful location. You will most likely return to camp for lunch, but will be very flexible with regard to this sort of thing. Most animals then seek shelter in the shade from the midday heat so we do likewise, resting up through the heat of the afternoon. This is a good time to catch up on diaries, on reading and letter writing, or simply relaxing with an afternoon siesta. A late afternoon game drive or activity then usually keeps you out until dusk. Hot showers followed by ice cold cocktails around the campfire and a sumptuous dinner mark the end of your day’s activities.

Additional activities

The best wildlife viewing is done from the vehicles, but there is so much to experience in addition to the fabulous game drives. How about a night drive with a spotlight? If you like hiking, then how about a hike through a wildlife rich area, or even trek to see the mountain gorillas? If you like horse riding, then we can get up close and personal with a giraffe while on horseback – or you could even do it from a camel. You could catch a yellow bellied Kuhe in Lake Tanganyika. You might like to spend some time with the remote nomadic people, or enjoy conservation oriented activities with research departments or even visit sponsored children in a school. How about a hot air balloon flight over the herds of the great wildebeest migration? There are a whole range of truly African experiences available to you.