Early in the year my assistant Mickey left to move out of town with her family, but I was fortunate to gain the services of Lindsay Calder as her replacement in the administration of Onsafari. Her history and knowledge of the tourism industry have been a welcome addition to the Onsafari team.

Favourite camping destinations in Kenya, continue to be Shaba and Lewa in the north; Lake Nakuru in the Rift Valley; Amboseli and Tsavo in the south; and the Mara in the west. I continue to enjoy Elsa’s Kopje (Meru), Wilderness Trails(Lewa), and Chui Lodge (Rift valley) as preferred lodge destinations, but with additional options now being Sasaab in the north and Peponi Hotel in Lamu on the coast. Sasaab is in a stunning location overlooking the Uaso Nyiro river just east of samburu, each individual room with its own plunge pool. Key attractions here are the very traditional nearby communities. Lamu is a very traditional coastal town on the Indian Ocean which has changed little over the decades and a visit here provides an insight into the traditional trading practices with Arabia. There are no vehicles on the island, all transport is by traditional sailing dhows, by donkey, or by manual labour. Peponi Hoteils luxurious and an ideal place to experience this from, well outside the hustle and bustle of the town. The turtle watch program is instrumental in the successful breeding of wild turtles on nearby beaches, and guests at Peponi are invited to assist in
escorting of hatchlings from the nest to the sea.
While safaris in Kenya continue to be the most rewarding generally, adventures in Tanzania to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and in Rwanda to visit the mountain gorillas have also been memorable. The Rwanda experience is improving with newer, more modern, facilities being developed to cater to the ever growing number of visitors, and the gorilla trekking experience gets you up close and personal to these magnificent beasts. While being reasonably strenuous hiking into the forests to view the gorillas, it is certainly not exhausting. Anybody who has not experienced this should seriously consider it.