We Support

OnSafari is giving back – to the children of Kenya. OnSafari is in partnership with the USA based charity Education For All Children (EFAC) to help Kenyan students.

After her safari with OnSafari in 2007, Nancy van Sciver returned to her home in Rye,New Hampshire, inspired to help the needy students in Kenya.

Education For All Children provides scholarships, mentoring, and global connections to exceptional students – the neediest and brightest – in Kenya. These are children graduating from the eighth grade (Form 1) to the twelfth grade (Form 4). By 2011 EFAC had awarded scholarships to over one hundred and fifty students in Kenya.

Supporting EFAC through its scholarship program brings you more than just the joy of giving. You will forge connections across oceans and make a real difference in a child’s life. It is our hope that students and their sponsors develop enduring or even lifelong relationships, and the commitment to education enriches lives on both continents.

All EFAC students placed in the top 10% of their 8th grade class and are continuing their academic success at the best high schools in Kenya. Why not combine a safari with a visit to your sponsored student? OnSafari regularly arranges this.

One EFAC sponsor remarked recently; “Meeting ‘our kids’ on our trip to Kenya last spring was certainly an eye-opener and a moving experience that brought us much closer to them. Our correspondence with them has become more personal and engaged, and we have a new-found appreciation for the country’s culture. We are delighted to be part of an organization that works towards giving these Kenyan children a brighter future.”